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Brazilian Blowouts, Perms, & Straightening Services in Springfield, MO

Professional Hair Texture Services in Downtown Springfield, MO

At Blu Skies Salon, we specialize in a range of hair texture services designed to enhance and redefine your natural beauty. Our expert stylists are trained in the latest techniques to ensure your hair looks and feels its best. From silky smooth hair to tight curls, we have got you covered! 

Gentle, Professional Products

At Blu Skies Salon, we exclusively use gentle, professional hair products, from carefully selected brands like Brazilian Blowout and Qiqi, to ensure the health and vitality of your hair while delivering exceptional results.

Hair Texture Experts

Our skilled stylists are trained in the art of texture services, ensuring your hair receives the utmost care and attention.

Custom Smoothing & Curly Hair Solutions

We offer personalized consultations to determine the best texture service for your hair type and desired look.

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Keratin Treatments & Perms in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment Options

Keratin Smoothing Treatments In Springfield, MO

Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Experience the ultimate transformation with our Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Blu Skies Salon. This revolutionary treatment tames frizz, reduces curl, and adds incredible shine, making your hair more manageable and stylish. This life changing services includes a complimentary take home Brazilian Blowout Shampoo & Conditioner to fully take benefit from the power of a keratin treatment at home.

Say goodbye to hours of styling and hello to smooth, radiant locks that last for weeks, giving you the freedom to embrace your day with confidence and ease.

Brazilian Blowout Express

The Brazilian Blowout Express treatment at Blu Skies Salon is a fast and efficient way to achieve silky, frizz-free hair with results lasting 4-6 weeks. In approximately one hour, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced styling time and improved hair manageability. This treatment is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who want a quick and convenient solution for smoother, more manageable hair. Say goodbye to daily styling struggles and hello to effortlessly beautiful hair with the Brazilian Blowout Express.

Perm Options

Mens Perms, Womens Perms, & Nonbinary Perms In Springfield, MO

Transform your look with our professional perms at Blu Skies Salon. Our expert stylists use advanced techniques to create stunning curls and waves that complement your unique style. Whether you’re looking for a bold and dramatic change or a subtle texture enhancement, our perms offer long-lasting results, making your hair more manageable and stylish. Join us at Blu Skies Salon and experience the magic of beautiful, hassle-free curls that will leave you feeling confident and fabulous.

Tight Perms

This style creates small, tight curls for a more defined and voluminous look.

Loose Perms

A loose perm results in larger, relaxed curls that provide a gentle, natural wave.

Wavy Perms

This type of perm achieves soft, flowing waves for a beachy, carefree appearance.

Spiral Perms

Spiral perms feature tightly wound, spiral-shaped curls that create a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

Body Wave Perms

Body wave perms add texture and volume to the hair, giving it a fuller and bouncier appearance.

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Qiqi Hair Straightening Service

Natural Hair Smoothing Treatment For All Hair Types

At Blu Skies Salon, we bring you the most advanced hair straightening treatment available, and it’s called QiQi Vega. This revolutionary solution is enriched with organic ingredients and is completely free of harmful chemicals. With QiQi Vega, you can achieve permanent straightening without compromising the health of your hair.

What sets QiQi Vega apart is its clean and natural formulation. Unlike many other products on the market, QiQi Vega contains no chemicals or preservatives. It’s a plant-based solution that is non-alkaline, making it one of the cleanest hair straightening products available. You can confidently enjoy straight, pristine hair even after swimming in chlorine pools or the ocean.

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Your Hair Texture Experience At Blu Skies Salon

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your blonde goals and evaluate your hair’s condition. Our colorists then select the best technique and shade for your desired outcome. Throughout the process, we prioritize the health of your hair, using protective treatments and expert application to achieve stunning results without compromise.

Consultation: Begin your journey to texture management with a detailed outline of your goals, selecting the perfect service, and outlining maintenance and homecare. 

Custom Formulation: Our expert colorists will formulate the perfect shade to achieve your desired blonding outcome, ensuring it complements your skin tone and style.

Detailed Application: Experience precision during the application process, with our colorists skillfully applying your chosen color for even, beautiful results.

Processing: Relax as your hair lightens while your stylist monitors the process to ensure optimal results.

Wash & Condition: Enjoy a soothing rinse and condition to lock in your blonde and enhance hair health.

Head Massage: Indulge in a relaxing head massage, adding an extra layer of luxury to your experience.

Blowdry & Style: Leave our salon with your new blonde look professionally styled and ready to showcase.

At Home Instructions: Receive personalized instructions to care for your blonde at home, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and health.

Book Your Hair Texture Transformation

Ready to embrace the beauty of your natural texture? Schedule your hair texture consultation at Blu Skies Salon today.

Hair Texture Services Frequently Asked Questions

A Brazilian Blowout at Blu Skies Salon offers numerous benefits, including frizz reduction, enhanced shine, and smoother, more manageable hair. It’s perfect for all hair types and provides long-lasting results, making your daily hair routine a breeze.

Absolutely! Our experienced stylists at Blu Skies Salon are skilled in performing perms on color-treated hair. We’ll ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant throughout the process, so you can achieve the texture you desire without compromising your hair color.

A Brazilian Blowout is unique because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. Instead, it relies on a special formula that smooths and conditions your hair, leaving it healthy and radiant. Unlike traditional straightening methods, a Brazilian Blowout doesn’t alter your hair’s structure, making it suitable for various hair types and safe for color-treated hair.

Yes, to maintain the longevity and health of your textured hair, we recommend using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. These products are gentle on your hair and help preserve the results of treatments like Brazilian Blowouts or perms. Our stylists can provide personalized product recommendations based on your specific needs.

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