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Embrace the lighter side! Step into Blu Skies Salon for a transformative blonding and lightening experience. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle glow or a complete blonde overhaul, our expert stylists are here to guide you every step of the way.

Expertise in Blonding

Our stylists specialize in all blonding techniques, ensuring a flawless, personalized result.

Hair Health Focus

We prioritize the integrity of your hair, using top-quality products for safe and effective lightening.

Tailored Experiences

Every blonding journey is unique – we customize our services to match your vision and hair type. From icy cool to sun-kissed, we ensure your achieve the tone that meets your vision.

Best Salon In Springfield, MO For Blonding & Balayage - Blu Skies Salon
Best Balayage, Highlights, & Blonding Salon in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon

Hair Lightening Techniques For All Hair Types


Discover the art of natural-looking, sun-kissed hair with our Balayage service, where our stylists skillfully hand-paint highlights to create a soft, graduated effect. This technique offers a low-maintenance solution to hair coloring, perfect for those seeking a subtle yet impactful transformation.


Elevate your style with our Ombre service, a seamless gradation from darker roots to lighter ends, creating a stunning, dimensional look. Ideal for those wanting a noticeable, trendy transition in their hair, our ombre technique delivers a beautiful contrast that's both modern and chic.

All Over Blonde

Transform your look with our All Over Blonde service, offering a complete and dramatic shift to a full-head of luminous, uniform blonde. This service is perfect for those seeking a bold change, providing a striking and radiant blonde that enhances your overall style.

Highlights and Lowlights

Achieve depth and dimension in your hair with our Highlights and Lowlights service, expertly placing lighter and darker strands to create a multi-dimensional effect. This technique is ideal for adding contrast and movement to your hair, enhancing your natural color with subtlety and sophistication.

Accent Foils & Money Pieces

Add a touch of flair to your hair with an accent foil or money pieces, strategically placing bright highlights around your face for an instant illuminating effect. This technique is perfect for those looking to draw attention to their features and add a pop of brightness to their overall look, without committing to a full head of highlights.

Blonde Toning

Revitalize your blonde hair with our Blonde Toning service, designed to refine and enhance your color, eliminating unwanted brassiness for a cooler, more polished shade. This is essential for maintaining the vibrancy and clarity of your blonde, ensuring it remains fresh, balanced, and true to your desired hue.

Our Hair Blonding Service Options

Blu Skies Salon is known for its versatile stylists that are able to offer you a variety of services for a competitive industry price. All of our pricing is set to a generalized base range price and may quote higher based on multiple factors including the stylist, the complexity of the service, density, and/or length of hair. Note, some senior stylists charge an hourly rate for services.

All services start with a detailed consultation that covers pricing from the start. You can also book a free consultation to go over your goals and to get a custom price quote.


Our Balayage service offers a bespoke, sun-kissed look with hand-painted blonding, creating a natural and effortlessly blended effect that enhances your hair’s dimension.

All Over Blonde

Our All Over Blonde service provides a stunning, uniform transformation, giving you a radiant, full-head blonde look that’s both bold and beautifully luminous.

Blonde Root Touch-Up

Keep your blonde hair looking seamless and vibrant with our Blonde Root Touch-Up service, expertly matching your roots to the rest of your hair for a flawless, consistent color.

Full Highlights

Our Full Highlights service offers a complete transformation with strategically placed lighter strands throughout your hair, creating a vibrant, multi-dimensional look.

Partial Highlights

Our Partial Highlights service adds subtle dimension and brightness, focusing on specific areas to enhance your natural color with a touch of contrast and depth.

Hair Toner

Our Hair Toner service expertly adjusts the tone of your hair color, enhancing its vibrancy and eliminating unwanted hues for a more polished, even finish.

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Your Blonding Experience At Blu Skies Salon

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your blonde goals and evaluate your hair’s condition. Our colorists then select the best technique and shade for your desired outcome. Throughout the process, we prioritize the health of your hair, using protective treatments and expert application to achieve stunning results without compromise.

Consultation: Begin your blonding journey with a thorough consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals, assess your hair, and create a customized plan.

Custom Formulation: Our expert colorists will formulate the perfect shade to achieve your desired blonding outcome, ensuring it complements your skin tone and style.

Detailed Application: Experience precision during the application process, with our colorists skillfully applying your chosen color for even, beautiful results.

Processing: Relax as your hair lightens while your stylist monitors the process to ensure optimal results.

Wash & Condition: Enjoy a soothing rinse and condition to lock in your blonde and enhance hair health.

Head Massage: Indulge in a relaxing head massage, adding an extra layer of luxury to your experience.

Blowdry & Style: Leave our salon with your new blonde look professionally styled and ready to showcase.

At Home Instructions: Receive personalized instructions to care for your blonde at home, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and health.

Ready to Go Blonde?

Book your appointment today and illuminate your look with our professional blonding and lightening services. All services require an appointment, so book yours today! 

Blonding in Springfield, MO Frequently Asked Questions

In Springfield, MO, current blonde hair trends include natural balayage, creamy beige blondes, and bold, platinum blondes. Stay in style with our expert blonding services and allow our stylists to help you pick the perfect blonde application for you!

To protect your blonde hair in Springfield’s climate, use UV-protective products and schedule regular toning appointments to combat brassiness. Our salon provides tailored advice and professional Paul Mitchell products for ideal hair care.

Finding the perfect blonde for your skin tone in Springfield is crucial. Our colorists offer consultations to determine the most flattering shade, ensuring your blonde complements your complexion beautifully.

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