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At Blu Skies Salon in Springfield, MO, we offer a comprehensive range of body waxing services designed to leave your skin smooth and hair-free. Our experienced estheticians use high-quality wax and techniques to ensure a comfortable and effective waxing experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick facial wax or a full-body treatment, our salon is your destination for all your waxing needs.

Expertise and Experience

Our skilled estheticians are trained in the latest waxing techniques, ensuring a high-quality service that is both efficient and effective.

Hygiene and Safety

Your safety is our priority. We adhere to strict hygiene standards, using sanitized equipment and ensuring a clean, safe environment for every treatment.

Comfort and Privacy

We provide a comfortable, private setting for all waxing services, ensuring you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your appointment.

Quality Waxing Products

We use premium waxes that are gentle on the skin yet effective in hair removal, catering to various skin types, including sensitive skin.

Body Waxing Salon For Arm Wax, Leg Wax, and Facial Waxing in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon
Full Body Waxing Salon For Brazilian Wax and Bikini Wax in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon
Brazilian, Bikini, and Manzilian Waxing in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon

Brazilian, Bikini, and Manzilian Waxing

Brazilian Wax

Experience the ultimate in smoothness with our Brazilian Wax service at Blu Skies Salon, where we provide a thorough and precise hair removal process from the entire bikini area. Our expert estheticians ensure your comfort and privacy, using gentle techniques and high-quality wax for a less painful experience. Choose our Brazilian Wax for a clean, hair-free look that enhances your confidence and leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth.

Bikini Wax

Achieve a neat and tidy appearance with our Bikini Line Wax at Blu Skies Salon, designed to remove unwanted hair from the edges of your bikini area. This service offers a quick and effective solution for maintaining a polished look, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in any swimwear or outfit.

Manzilian Wax

Our Manzilian Wax at Blu Skies Salon is tailored specifically for men, offering a comprehensive grooming solution that removes hair from the groin area with precision and care. This service is conducted with utmost privacy and professionalism, ensuring a comfortable experience and smooth, long-lasting results.

Butt Strip Wax

Our Butt Strip Wax service at Blu Skies Salon offers a discreet and effective solution for removing unwanted hair from the sensitive buttocks area. Performed with the utmost care and professionalism, this treatment ensures a comfortable experience, leaving you with smooth, clean results in this specific area.

Arm, Leg, and Back Waxing

Full Arm Wax

Embrace the feel of silky-smooth arms with our Full Arm Wax service, which efficiently removes hair from your shoulders to your wrists. This comprehensive treatment ensures an even, hair-free look across the entire arm, perfect for a sleek and polished appearance.

Half Arm Wax

Our Half Arm Wax is ideal for those seeking targeted hair removal from either the upper or lower arm. This precise service offers a quick and effective solution, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free in your chosen area, ensuring a neat and refined look.

Underarm Wax

Experience the confidence of smooth, hair-free underarms with our Underarm Wax service at Blu Skies Salon, where we provide a quick, efficient, and gentle waxing treatment, ensuring long-lasting results and softer regrowth.

Full Leg Wax

Achieve flawlessly smooth legs from thigh to ankle with our Full Leg Wax service, a comprehensive solution for long-lasting hair removal and silky skin all over your legs.

Half Leg Wax

Opt for our Half Leg Wax to selectively remove hair either from the thighs down to the knees or from the knees down to the ankles, perfect for targeted smoothness where you need it most.

Full Back Wax

Our Full Back Wax service offers a complete solution for removing unwanted hair across the entire back area, providing you with a smooth, clean look that's perfect for a polished appearance.

Half Back Wax

Choose our Half Back Wax for targeted hair removal on either the upper or lower half of your back, ensuring a smooth and refined finish in the specific area you need it.

Arm, Leg, and Back Waxing in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon
Facial Waxing Salon For Men and Women in Springfield, MO - Blu Skies Salon

Facial Waxing & Hand Waxing

Eyebrow Wax

Maintain a neat and tidy appearance with our Eyebrow Wax at Blu Skies Salon, a quick and precise service designed to remove any stray hairs and refine the shape of your brows, keeping them looking sharp and well-groomed.

Lip Wax

Enjoy a smooth, clean upper lip with our Lip Wax service at Blu Skies Salon, offering a fast and effective way to remove unwanted facial hair, enhancing your natural beauty and complexion.

Chin Wax

Achieve a sleek and smooth chin area with our Chin Wax service at Blu Skies Salon, where we gently remove unwanted hair, ensuring a clean and polished look that enhances your facial features and overall appearance.

Nose Wax

Our Nose Wax service provides a safe and efficient method for removing hair from the nostrils, ensuring a clean and well-groomed appearance with minimal discomfort.

Hand Wax

Pamper your hands with our Hand Wax service, designed to remove unwanted hair and leave your hands feeling exceptionally smooth and soft, perfect for a refined and polished look.

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Your Waxing Experience At Blu Skies Salon

At Blu Skies Salon, your comfort is our priority. We ensure you are relaxed and informed throughout the entire waxing service. 

Consultation: We discuss your skin type and hair removal goals to customize the service to your needs.

Preparation: Your skin is prepped with a gentle cleanser to ensure a hygienic and effective waxing experience.

Waxing: We use high-quality wax suitable for your skin type in combination with advanced techniques to ensure maximum hair removal with minimum discomfort.

Aftercare: Post-wax, we apply soothing lotions to calm the skin and advise on aftercare to maintain your smooth results.

Ready to Experience Silky Smooth Skin?

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Body Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal results, hair should be at least a quarter-inch long, which is typically about two weeks of hair growth. This length allows the wax to grip the hair effectively, ensuring a smoother waxing experience and better results.

Yes, at Blu Skies Salon, we cater to all skin types, including sensitive skin. We use high-quality waxes and employ techniques that minimize discomfort and skin irritation. It’s recommended to discuss any skin sensitivities with our estheticians before your appointment for personalized care.

To prepare for your waxing session, ensure your skin is clean and avoid using lotions or oils on the area to be waxed. It’s also advisable to gently exfoliate the area 24 hours before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and achieve the best results.

After waxing, avoid sun exposure, hot showers, saunas, and swimming for at least 24 hours. Use a gentle exfoliant a few days after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs, and keep the skin moisturized with a soothing lotion to prolong the smoothness and comfort of your skin.

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