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Hair Salon Service Options

At Blu Skies Salon, our skilled stylists excel in creating the ideal haircut, tailored to each client’s unique style and natural beauty, through a blend of personalized attention and leading-edge fashion trends.

Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic hair color at Blu Skies Salon, where our adept color experts employ a fusion of artistic flair and technical skill to craft the ideal hue that beautifully complements and accentuates your personal style.

Blu Skies Salon’s talented professionals excel in blonding and balayage, carefully crafting everything from subtle, natural-looking highlights to stunning, full blonde transformations, adding depth and a personalized touch to your hair.

Delve into the realm of enhanced elegance with our high-end hair extensions, meticulously chosen and applied for a flawless, natural appearance that captures attention with its luxurious length and volume.

Embrace the transformation of your hair’s texture with the diverse services at Blu Skies Salon, featuring everything from traditional perms and sleek Brazilian Blowouts to the cutting-edge Qiqi Hair Straightening, each uniquely designed to enhance and redefine the natural texture of your hair.

Renew and rejuvenate your hair with the comprehensive selection of hair treatments at Blu Skies Salon, carefully crafted to infuse your locks with health, luster, and vitality, ensuring your hair not only looks beautiful but also embodies wellness in every strand.

Transform your appearance with the sophisticated hair styling and blowouts at Blu Skies Salon, where each service is a unique artistic creation, designed to reflect your individuality and leave you with a stunning, picture-perfect look.

Blu Skies Salon introduces an innovative approach to hair restoration with its advanced hair replacement systems, offering non-invasive, natural-looking solutions that are both comfortable and imperceptible, restoring confidence for individuals facing hair loss.

Esthetics & Spa Service Options

Step into Blu Skies Salon’s serene world of skincare, offering a luxurious range of facial and aesthetic treatments designed to pamper, rejuvenate, and enhance the natural glow of your skin, providing a perfect blend of indulgence and refreshment.

Delight in the sleek, polished results of Blu Skies Salon’s body waxing services, where our skilled estheticians use a gentle yet thorough technique to uncover the effortlessly smooth and radiant skin beneath.

Elevate your look with our Lash Enhancement services at Blu Skies Salon, offering lash extensions, lifts, and tints to accentuate your eyes with beautiful, natural-looking results.

At Blu Skies Salon, perfect your brows with our extensive enhancements, encompassing meticulous waxing, deep tinting, rejuvenating brow lifts, and sleek lamination, all designed to create brows that are not only impeccably shaped but also full of expression.

Blu Skies Salon’s professional makeup services are designed to magnify your inherent beauty, offering a range of looks from understated grace to bold glamour, tailored to suit every occasion and personal preference.

Blu Skies Salon excels in designing exquisite wedding hair and makeup that enhances each bride’ and groomss unique style and radiance, ensuring everyone feels confident and beautiful on the special day.

Safe Space Salon in Downtown Springfield

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Our salon is a haven where individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life can feel at ease and be authentically themselves. We believe in fostering an environment of respect and understanding, ensuring that every client experiences a sense of belonging and comfort during their visit.

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Blu Skies Salon is located in the heart of Downtown Springfield, MO. Our salon is located off Campbell Ave with free parking on the street and our dedicated lot to the left of the building. 

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Sunday – Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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