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At Blu Skies Salon, we believe that a haircut is not just a service but an experience. Our skilled stylists are adept in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring each cut is personalized to your style, hair type, and lifestyle. We focus on understanding your needs and preferences, ensuring you leave feeling confident and refreshed.

Customized Service, Every Time

Every visit to Blu Skies Salon is an opportunity for a customized experience, tailored to meet your unique style and preferences. Our team dedicates time to understanding your individual needs, ensuring that each haircut is a personalized journey towards your ideal look.

Gender Neutral Pricing

Blu Skies Salon embraces inclusivity with gender-neutral pricing, ensuring fair and equal rates for all clients regardless of gender.

Optional Silent Services

We respect your desire for a comfortable salon experience with our optional silent service. Simply request this service in the notes section when booking your appointment, and enjoy a tranquil visit where you can relax in a primarily, non-verbal service.

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Best Springfield, MO Salon For Haircuts and Barber Services - Blu Skies Salon
Welcoming Hair Salon & Spa in Springfield, MO For LGBTQ+ Community - Blu Skies Salon

Haircut Options For All Hair Types

Short, Medium, & Long Haircuts

We cater to all hair lengths with our specialized cutting techniques. For short hair, we offer stylish, chic cuts that maintain shape and texture; for medium-length hair, we focus on versatile styles that bring out your hair's natural flow; and for long hair, our cuts aim to enhance length and volume, ensuring each strand falls beautifully.

Barber Style Clipper Haircuts & Beard Services

Blu Skies Salon offers expert Barber Style Clipper Haircuts, catering to those who prefer a crisp, clean-cut look with precision and style. Our skilled barbers also provide top-notch beard services, ensuring a well-groomed and refined appearance that complements your haircut perfectly.

Curly Haircutting Experts

At Blu Skies Salon, our stylists are curly haircutting experts, trained in the latest techniques to enhance and define your natural curls, ensuring each cut is as unique as your curl pattern. We specialize in creating styles that not only celebrate your curls' natural beauty but also make them easy to manage and style, offering you a renewed sense of confidence and flair.

Our Haircut Service Options

Blu Skies Salon is known for its versatile stylists that are able to offer you a variety of services for a competitive industry price. All of our pricing is set to a generalized base range price and may quote higher based on multiple factors including the stylist, the complexity of the service, density, and/or length of hair. Note, some senior stylists charge an hourly rate for services.

All services start with a detailed consultation that covers pricing from the start. You can also book a free consultation to go over your goals and to get a custom price quote.

Bang Trim/Neck Trim

Refresh your look in just 15 minutes with our swift, dry bang trim or a neat neckline clean-up, perfect for a quick style touch-up.

Short Haircut

Keep your short, chin-length, or shorter hair in perfect shape with our expert cuts that maintain and enhance your current style.

Precision Short Cut

Specializing in finely-tuned pixie cuts, chic short bobs, and more, we craft a look that complements your features and style.

Medium-Long Haircut

Transform your shoulder-length or longer hair with a cut that emphasizes shape and style while keeping most of your length.

Specialty/Custom Cut

Dive into unique styles with our custom cuts for shag, punk, creative styles, and tailored cuts for curly and textured hair, ideal for those seeking a significant change.

Curly Cut

Our stylists are adept at cutting curly hair, ensuring each curl is cut to perfection to enhance your hair’s existing natural pattern.

Transformation Curly Cut

Redefine your curls with a cut that brings out a new style or shape, enhancing the natural beauty of your curls.

Cado Curly Cut

Experience the ultimate curly hair transformation with the Cado Curly Cut, an all-encompassing service including our signature layered cut, personalized styling, and deep conditioning for luscious, well-defined curls.

Our Barber Services

Clipper Cut

Our Clipper Cut service offers a precise, clean haircut using clippers, ideal for achieving a sharp, uniform length or a neatly structured style.

Zero Fade Cut

Our Zero Fade service delivers an ultra-tight fade, cutting down to the shortest length for a striking gradient effect and a bold, edgy look.

Straight Razor Shave

Our Straight Razor Shave service offers a classic, close shave for the face or head, utilizing a traditional straight razor for a smooth, refined finish.

Haircut Clean Up

Maintain the sharpness of your current hairstyle with a precise trim around the ears, nape, and sideburns, keeping your look polished and refined.

Beard Trim

Our Beard Trim service provides a neat and tidy appearance, skillfully cleaning up the edges and length of your beard for a well-groomed and polished look.

Haircut & Beard Clean Up

Experience our Haircut & Beard Clean-Up service, perfectly touching up your stylish haircut with a meticulous beard trim for a refreshed and cohesive look.

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Your Haircut Experience At Blu Skies Salon

Your journey at Blu Skies Salon begins the moment you step in. We start with a personalized consultation to understand your hair’s unique needs and your desired outcome. Our stylists then craft a haircut that not only looks great when you leave the salon but is also manageable and looks fantastic as it grows out.

Consultation: Detailed consultation to understand your hair goals, outline the process, and discuss pricing.

Detailed Haircut: Our talented team will use the most current cutting techniques to achieve that perfect hairstyle you’re looking for. 

Wash & Condition: Sit back and relax while getting a shampoo and condition using premium Paul Mitchell products. 

Head Massage: Take your haircut to the next level with an included head massage. 

Blowdry & Style: Walk out of the salon with beautifully styled hair, ready to conquer the world. 

Education: Every haircut is concluded with expert styling tips and recommendations for at-home care, ensuring you can maintain your new look with ease.

Professional Haircut Experience

In the heart of downtown Springfield, MO, Blu Skies Salon is your destination for premium haircuts. Book your appointment today with one of our hair stylists or barbers. 

Springfield, MO Haircut Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference between a haircut and a barber cut lies in the techniques and tools used. Haircuts typically involve a combination of scissors and clippers for a variety of styles and lengths, while barber cuts usually emphasize clipper work and are more focused on shorter, traditionally masculine styles, often incorporating facial hair grooming.

Choosing the right haircut for your face shape and hair type involves understanding the balance and proportions that work best for you. For instance, round face shapes benefit from haircuts that add length and volume at the top, whereas square faces look great with softer, more textured cuts. For your hair type, consider the texture and thickness. Curly hair often requires different styles than straight hair to manage volume and shape. It’s also essential to consider your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend on hair maintenance. Consulting with a professional stylist, like those at Blu Skies Salon, who can assess your unique features and preferences, is always a good idea to ensure you get a haircut that not only looks great but also feels right for you.

In Springfield, MO, the latest hair trends are a fusion of chic, detailed styles and timeless elegance. Popular choices include the versatile bangs and bob combo, offering a stylish, shorter cut with more styling flexibility. Long layers remain a classic, adding texture and movement, while the short, rounded bob provides a softer alternative to pixies and lobs. For those seeking a bold look, lash-skimming bangs and the perfect pixie cut make strong statements. The mushroom bob and braided lob introduce unique silhouettes and textures, and side bangs offer a chic but subtler change. Short afros and the sleek, clean-cut bob are trendy for their low maintenance and sharp appearance. The extra-long lob, shixie or bixie cut, and the micro bob cater to those transitioning in hair length or contemplating shorter styles, each providing a distinct blend of body, bounce, and modern aesthetics. These trends encapsulate a range of styles, from edgy and bold to soft and classic, catering to diverse preferences in Springfield’s fashion-forward community.

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