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Discover the transformative power of hair color at Blu Skies Salon. Our expert colorists are passionate about bringing your dream hair color to life, whether it’s a subtle change or a bold new look. We use only high-quality, professional hair color products to ensure the health and vibrancy of your hair.

Personally Customized Color

We pride ourselves on offering personally customized color services, tailoring each shade and technique to perfectly match your individual style and preferences.

Latest Trends & Safest Products

Our colorists stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques in hair coloring. We provide personalized consultations to understand your needs and recommend the best color options for your hair type and skin tone. At Blu Skies Salon, we ensure a comfortable and satisfying hair color experience, focusing on your individual style and hair health.

Optional Silent Services

We value your comfort and offers an optional silent service for a serene salon experience. Indicate your preference for this mostly non-verbal service in the notes section while booking your appointment, and look forward to a peaceful, relaxing visit.

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Hair Color Options For All Hair Types

Gray Coverage

We specialize in seamless grey coverage, using expert techniques and high-quality color products to blend away grays and restore your hair's natural vibrancy. Our skilled colorists ensure a natural, youthful appearance, perfectly matching your hair color for a flawless, rejuvenated look.

Root Touch-Up

Keep your hair color looking fresh and consistent with Blu Skies Salon's precise root touch-up services, expertly matching your existing color to ensure a seamless blend. Our root touch-ups are perfect for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your hair color, giving you a polished, just-colored look all the time.

All Over Color

Transform your look with Blu Skies Salon's all-over color service, offering a complete and uniform color change that adds depth and vibrancy to your hair. Our expert colorists carefully select shades to complement your skin tone and personal style, ensuring a stunning, full-head color transformation.

Dimensional Color

Add depth and richness to your hair with our Dimensional Color services, expertly blending highlights, lowlights, or balayage techniques to create a multi-tonal, natural-looking effect. This service is ideal for those seeking a sophisticated color with visual depth and texture, enhancing your hair's dimension and movement.

Hair Gloss

Revitalize your hair with our Hair Gloss treatment, designed to impart a lustrous sheen and enhance your hair's natural or colored hue. This service not only adds a radiant shine but also smooths and conditions your hair, leaving it silky and more manageable.

Advanced Hair Color Services

Blu Skies Salon’s Advanced Hair Color Services, encompassing vivid hair coloring and intricate color correction, are designed for those seeking a dramatic change. These specialized services require an in-salon consultation prior in order to accurately assess the time and cost involved in achieving your desired outcome. Priced by the hour and varying by stylist, these advanced services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of each client’s hair vision, ensuring exceptional results.

Vivid Hair Color

Experience the excitement of transformation with Blu Skies Salon's Vivid Hair Color service, where we bring a spectrum of bold and bright hues to life in your hair. Our colorists excel in crafting vibrant, head-turning shades, ensuring a dynamic and long-lasting color statement that reflects your individuality.

Color Correction

At Blu Skies Salon, our Color Correction service is expertly designed to fix color mishaps, whether it's correcting uneven tones, removing unwanted hues, or adjusting a previous color job. Our skilled colorists employ advanced techniques and personalized care to restore and enhance your hair's color, ensuring a balanced, beautiful result that aligns with your desired look.

Our Hair Color Service Options

Blu Skies Salon is known for its versatile stylists that are able to offer you a variety of services for a competitive industry price. All of our pricing is set to a generalized base range price and may quote higher based on multiple factors including the stylist, the complexity of the service, density, and/or length of hair. Note, some senior stylists charge an hourly rate for services.

All services start with a detailed consultation that covers pricing from the start. You can also book a free consultation to go over your goals and to get a custom price quote.

All Over Color

Transform your style with an all-over color change, offering a complete, uniform shade upgrade that adds depth and vibrancy to your entire head of hair.

Color Root Touch-Up

Keep your hair color flawless and consistent with a precise root touch-up, seamlessly blending new growth with your existing color for a refreshed, uniform appearance.

Dimensional Color

Our Dimensional Color service artfully combines highlights, lowlights, and balayage, infusing your hair with rich, multi-tonal depth for a vibrant, natural-looking finish.

Hair Gloss

Enhance your hair’s vibrancy and texture with our Hair Gloss service, adding a silky shine and enriching your color for a healthy, polished look.

Vivid Fashion Color

Consultation Required

Dare to stand out with our Vivid Fashion Color service, where we create bold, unconventional hair colors that make a statement and showcase your unique style.

Vivid Color Retouch

Maintain the brilliance and intensity of your bold hair color with our Vivid Color Retouch service, ensuring your vibrant hues stay fresh and striking.

Color Corrections

Consultation Required

Our Color Correction service expertly addresses and rectifies any hair color concerns, from uneven tones to unwanted shades, restoring balance and achieving your desired color outcome.

Hair Color Consultation

During our Hair Color Consultation, we discuss your vision and assess your hair’s condition to create a personalized color plan that aligns with your desired results and hair health.

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Your Hair Color Experience At Blu Skies Salon

From consultation to aftercare, we make your hair color journey seamless and enjoyable. 

Consultation: Begin with a personalized consultation to understand your color goals and assess your hair’s condition.

Color Selection: Choose the perfect shade with guidance from our expert colorists, ensuring it complements your skin tone and style.

Application: Experience precise and careful color application, using top-quality products for even, lasting results.

Processing: Relax as your color develops, with our team ensuring optimal processing time for the best color outcome.

Rinsing and Conditioning: Enjoy a soothing shampoo followed by a relaxing conditioning to lock in color and enhance hair health.

Head Massage: Indulge in a relaxing head massage at our salon, a soothing addition to your service that promotes relaxation and enhances your overall pampering experience.

Blow-Dry and Styling: Conclude with a professional blow-dry and styling, showcasing your new color in its full glory.

Aftercare Advice: Receive personalized aftercare tips to maintain your color’s vibrancy and keep your hair healthy at home.

Schedule Your Color Transformation

Ready for a change? Book your hair color appointment at Blu Skies Salon today and step into a world where color meets creativity.

Springfield, MO Hair Color Frequently Asked Questions

Springfield, MO, is embracing a diverse palette of hair color trends this year, from natural dimensional colors and subtle all over colors, vivid colors and sophisticated gray blending techniques, all tailored to enhance individual styles and preferences.

Choosing the right hair color involves considering your skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle. In Springfield, MO, our expert colorists at local salons offer personalized consultations to help you select shades that complement your natural features and fit your daily routine.

Before getting a hair color service in Springfield, MO, it’s important to have healthy hair, know the maintenance required for your chosen color, and have a clear idea of what you want. We recommend consulting with a professional colorist to discuss your hair history and desired outcome to ensure the best possible results.

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