Blu Skies Salon was founded by Katie Henderson (left) and Phillip Burmood (right) back in March of 2007. To this day, Blu Skies Salon holds its location in Downtown Springfield inside the Monarch Art Factory where they first opened their doors 13 years ago. Prior to opening Blu Skies Salon, Katie and Phil’s paths crossed while starting their careers in the hair industry back in 2004.

It wasn’t until 2004 that I had discovered an industry that was built upon cultivating relationships, imagination and ongoing artistic creativity. I’ve always been drawn to people and their aesthetic of appearance and style. Building confidence in others and enhancing their look has always been a passion for me… so I chose to get my cosmetology license.
— Phillip Burmood

As their relationship grew within the first few years as co-stylists; both learned quickly that they shared similar business values as well as creative ideas, concepts and visions.

At first, the conversation of owning a salon together was something they never thought would be possible, but when the opportunity presented itself; as crazy as it seemed at that time, they decided this was exactly what path they needed to take in order to create their vision of a unique atmosphere we all know and love today.

Within a few years of starting my hair career, I realized that owning my own salon was exactly what I needed! I wanted to bring my own ideas and the ideas of people around me together to get the best possible outcome! I have passion for the industry and I knew we could build something different. Our goal was to promote individuality, creativity and success while laughing & smiling every step of the way.
— Katie Henderson

With that being said, Blu Skies Salon was born. Which brings us to another topic. Why “Blu Skies”?

When asked this question, Phil and Katie lit up with a smile and expressed that they wanted a simple yet happy business name which people could easily remember. Being the salon has a large sky light in it’s ceiling and they both share a passionate love for the outdoors, Blu Skies seemed like a perfect name for their salon.

Aside from it’s name. what makes this salon so different from others is not only inside it’s walls of beautiful historic brick where the hair magic is created; but it’s aroma of “home” you will experience when coming in again and again.

Our environment is sincere, intimate and genuine. We have a common love and appreciation for all of our guests and that sets us apart from the rest...oh and we have Bob Ross playing in the salon 24/7.
— Phillip Burmood

Blu Skies Salon is truly a gem in the 417 land. Their mission is to provide the best quality hair service while maintaining the atmosphere they were originally founded upon and to keep their guests coming back for more. This salon has and always will make sure you, our guest; is well taken care of and they invite any opportunity to have you part of our journey here at Blu Skies Salon.

We can’t wait for one of our amazing stylists to “WOW” you and are so very excited to welcome you into our home.
— Katie Henderson